Please use the contact page to contact me with new listing details.

Free Listings – Added by mydogsite

MyDogSite is progressively adding free listings for quality Australia dog businesses as we find them. We (the kids and I) typically grab a screenshot of the website or logo, a link to the website, any contact details on the site, and a brief description. It’s free, and you don’t need membership for this.

Free Listings – Claimed by Owner

If you’d like to claim a listing that has been added by MyDogSite, I may need a coffee to give me the energy to setup a new userid, and transfer the listing.  This means you can add more images, and more content.

Category Featured Listing

The plan is to make a featured listing available for each category. This will either display at the top of the category, or at the top of the sidebar. There may also be capability for boosted listings in the future.

Homepage Featured Listings

There will probably also be Featured listings on the homepage. These will be restricted to 8 listings. Contact me for pricing.

Sadly, when listings were added automatically there ended up being a lot of spam.
So all listings need to get manually approved before it will show on the site. I maintain the site after hours when I get home each day, so please be patient if I don’t reply immediately. It will happen.


I haven’t worked out payment rates yet. To be fair, they should be related to traffic to the site.
Until then, we can chat about options, from champagne :), coffee or gift cards.  Cheers