Sometimes having your dog at a boarding kennel is the only option available during holidays.

First, ask your vet or friends for recommendations. They should be able to tell you good (or bad) local boarding kennels, or at least know someone else who does.

The most important factor in choosing a dog boarding kennel is the staff. Caring, welcoming, knowledgeable experienced dog lovers who enjoy spending time and caring for dogs, are the important thing.

Do an inspection beforehand, possibly with your dog, so he can become familiar with it.

Other things to consider when choosing a dog boarding kennel include:

  • Make sure your dog is fully vaccinated, wormed and flea free. Most kennels should require the C5 kennel cough vaccination at least 2 weeks before the stay.
  • Ensure your dog is not in season.
  • Bring a favourite toy and blanket. A good kennel will have its own range of dog toys, however familiar toys will be reassuring for your dog.
  • Advise the kennel of your contact details, and those of your vet.
  • Are the kennels clean, modern, well-ventilated, light, warm in winter?
  • Size is important. Does each dog have his own decent-sized indoor/outdoor run, and a daily exercise schedule?
  • Is there a secure outdoor playground
  • What kind of bedding is used? Hammoock-style beds are popular, to keep them off cold concrete floors, with sheepskin linings a luxury
  • How often are dogs fed? What is the diet? Is it balanced? Can you specify your own diet?
  • Is there a vet on call?
  • Is the boarding kennel licensed / certified and regularly inspected? Check with the RSPCA to see if there have been any complaints against them.
  • Book well in advance for school holiday periods.
  • Book your dog in for the day before you leave, so he won’t be stressed as you run around packing the entire family’s worldly goods.
  • How are rates calculated? Daily, weekly, depending upon size of your dog?
  • Find out the scheduled drop off and pickup times.
  • Can you go and visit them briefly, if you get separation anxiety?

Most boarding kennels will provide extra services, such as grooming, training, bathing, relaxation therapy and more.

During research for this site, some amazing boarding kennels were found. Some of the more fancy ones may be accoustically controlled to reduce noise, have automatic daily disinfecting, be architecturally designed to take advantage of natural environment, play background music, have extra large runs, have sealed brickwork to prevent absorption of fluids and odours, and individualised care.

To find suitable dog boarding kennels, please use the site search.

If you’re thinking of building a home for your dog, have a look at some of these awesome images from Pinterest: