With regard to dog clothes, there may be two types of dog owners in the world – those who put clothes on their dog, and those who don’t.

If your dog has a thick coat of hair, he can probably cope with most Australian winter conditions. For thinner coats, or dogs not native to the Australian climate, knitted jumpers and jackets can help keep them comfortable. You can buy the new Vogue Knitting book “Knits for Pets” to knit your dog a jumper from most online bookshops.

Other winter dog clothes include jumpers, scarves and beanies, jackets, raincoats, booties and galoshes. Although if your dog spends most of his time indoors, he may continue to moult, and think it’s summer. So winter dog jackets can end up being practical during cold walks in the morning or evening.

In summer, you may be interested in the amazing Doggles, available from LatestBuy – protect your dog’s eyes from the wind, dust and dirt with special dog goggles. There are even sunsuits, for light-coloured dogs that may be sensitive to the sun.

Other summer dog clothes include t-shirts. These can come in a wide range of styles, from dressups like superman, to tshirts with FBI and security logos. You may be able to get matching hats and bandannas to match the rest of his outfit. Or maybe a camouflage-stle backpack, for an exciting summer adventure. If you’re out on the sea, a dog life jacket, or grip boots may be appropriate.

If you’re buying dog clothes online, take note of your dog’s neck size, back length and tummy size, and send them as additional information in your order, to ensure a good fitting.

As the companion of male dogs, I can’t see them in dresses, but there are some amazing dog dresses available.

Special occasions may require your dog to wear a tiara, bow tie, tuxedo, or even pearls. A diamante hair clip. Along with doggy cologne or perfume.

And nobody ever said a footy match wasn’t a special occasion. The Suppawters range of dog football jerseys, is absolutely stunning. Support the Wallabies or your favourite NRL team with a dog footy jumper, matching bed and collar. The ultimate macho dog wear.

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