The first resource you should get is Life Be In It’s book “Holidaying With Dogs”, listing over 2000 caravan parks, camping grounds, host farms, B&Bs and motels in Australia and NZ where you can take your dog on holidays.

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Camping with Dogs

The recent editions of “Camping Guide to New South Wales” and other states, also list sites where dogs can have camping holidays in Australia.

Dogs are generally banned from National Parks in Australia, but often welcome in State Forests, as long as they are under control. State Forest websites such as NSW State Forests generally have the relevant info.

Local councils should also list camping areas and reserves that allow dogs.

Ensure your dog is fit, emotionally sound and very obedient before considering a camping holiday. If he is startled by strange sounds and shapes, or cannot be guaranteed to come when called, he needs a bit more training, or a good long lead.

Dogs should not be left alone during the day, and should either sleep inside with you, or in a portable travel crate that you bring from home.

Bring spare collars, leads, poo bags, dried food, collapsible water bowls, and for larger dogs, they can help carry provisions on longer expeditions, with the use of special adjustable dog backpacks.

Car Travelling with Dogs

Ensure you have the correct equipment for your dog to travel in your car. If he’s in a seat, use a full harness, with the seatbelt threaded through. Consider a cage, large enough for him to move around in. A barrier across the back of your car should stop him annoying other passengers. Seat protectors and hammocks can protect your car.

If your dog can’t come on holiday with you….

There are a variety of services available to care for your dog when you’re on holidays.

Dog Walking and Dog Sitting businesses will come to your home once or twice a day, and feed and walk your dog, and ideally also check the mail, water plants, take the garbage out and check on security. This service is excellent for dogs that get stressed in strange environments.

Dog Minders can offer their own pet-friendly home to care for your dog, if personalised constant care is sought.

Dog Boarding Kennels offer boarding while you’re on holiday.

Housesitters can actually live in your house while you’re away, and look after your dog. This can be free, as the housesitter benefits from having a place to live.