Dog Minding may be good for your dog if:

  • he is used to a lot of personal attention
  • he doesn’t like the large numbers of dogs at boarding kennels
  • you are away for greater than 2-3 days.

For absences of only 1-2 days, a Dog Sitter may be adequate.

Dog Minders are families that will care for your dog in their home while you are away. It is especially good for dogs that are used to being inside a house, being part of everyday family activities, and spending a lot of time in companionship with people.

Consider whether you would like your dog to have one-on-one attention from a loving family, or if they would like to be able to play with another dog.

Your dog should be vaccinated, flea-free, and toilet-trained, to avoid impacting other dogs that may stay with the hosting family, whether at the same time or in the future.

You may be asked to provide any packaged food that your dog enjoys, any favoured toys or bedding, his leash for walking, and any medications required.

Ideally, you should bring your dog to the minder for a test visit before your holiday, to see how the dog and the minder respond to each other. There is always the risk that your dog may be too active, or too escape-oriented for a particular minder, so make sure you allow enough time to find another minder, before your holiday starts.

Ensure you give your contact details, holiday itinerary and your vet details, to your dog minder. You should give written permission for your dog to receive health treatment, in case of accident or illness. Ensure you also take the Dog Minder’s details with you on holiday, so you can ring up and ease your mind on how your dog is coping.

You may wish to get involved in Dog Minding yourself. These are several organisations around Australia that arrange for Dog Minding families to list their services.

To search for a suitable Dog Minder, please use the site search.