There are large numbers of dog organisations across Australia. Some are training organisations, some promote dog sports (such as agility, flyball), some are specific breed organisations, many rescue organisations, and various governing bodies, setting standards for breeds and shows across Australia.

These are some of the more well-known dog organisations:
RSPCA – Official site of the RSPCA in Australia. Clues you up on responsibilities clinics, pet care, shelters and emergency numbers.

LostDogs – The Lost Dogs’ Home and Cat Shelter is one of Australia’s largest animal welfare organisations. Their mission is to look after and reduce the number of sick, stray, abandoned and unwanted animals.

Royal NSW Canine Council – the controlling body of purebred dog breeding and exhibiting in NSW.

PIAA is the Pet Industry Association of Australia. PIAA members agree to abide by the PIAA code of practice, which is based on or exceeds the standards set by the government. PIAA represent the best pet shops, groomers, pet boarding and pet services in Australia.

Dog Rescue organisations aim to prevent unwanted dogs from being put down. They can also do with your help with donations of old blankets, sheets and toys.

To find more dog organisations, maybe your local breed or training club, and your local rescue organisation, please use the Dog Club/Organisation Search.

If you know of an organisation that could be included, please tell them to add their site here.