An entire new industry has developed based around the concept of dog parties. A party to celebrate a milestone in your dog’s life can be celebrated with his canine buddies, all wearing the latest doggie fashion, of course, with owners in attendance.

Dog parties can be held at a local park, at your place, or at a business location, often attached to dog day care or other related dog business. A good dog party business will have a range of stimulating physical activities for dogs, as well as a place for their owners to relax.

Many Dog Day Care Centres also include facilities for dog parties, such as DogZone.

A new business venture is in dog partyplans, where a demonstrator will come to your home to demonstrate a range of goods to you and your friends, for purchasing. Dogs may or not be included at dog partyplan demonstrations. Please check with each company. For example the Puppywareparties are modelled on the famous Tupperware parties, where a representative will come to your home, with a selection of dog accessories and fashion, available for sale at a discount. You’ll need to invite your friends with dogs, send out invitations, and usually send them reminders before the day of the party.

Even some dog-friendly cafes at popular dog parks, offer dog birthday cakes, made from dog-friendly food, such as carrot cake. (Not that my dogs like carrot…..).

If you’ve decided to host a dog party yourself, consider these ideas:

  • ThemeConsider a famous dog from history or Hollywood, such as Lassie, ScoobyDoo, RinTinTin, Snoopy
    Pick a colour, for everyone to wear, and for decorations
    Celebrate a time of year, such as Easter, Christmas, St Patrick’s Day
  • CakeA layer cake, based around different layers of meat, such as chicken or minced meat, held together and “iced” with mashed potato, and decorated with strips of bacon, would go down very well, and even lends itself to cutting into slices
  • GamesTraditional dog games such as frisbees, catch and chasing
    My son and dog love playing hide and seek. I hold Spike, while Scott hides. He then calls out, and waits for Spike to come and find him. A joy to behold.
    Setup your own agility course, with hoops, jumps, mazes and tunnels
  • TreatsMake sure you have a supply of dog treats, as a reward, prize or incentive.
  • PhotosA dog party is a fantastic opportunity to take some gorgeous photos. Make sure you have lots of batteries and room on your camera.

To find a suitable dog party company, or dog partyplan, please use the site search.

There are awesome ideas at Pinterest for dog parties, ranging from the invitations, signposts, tables, entranceway and balloons.