Dog Sitters are people who will care for your dog in your home while you are away. Kind of like a babysitter who comes to your house and looks after your kids while you’re out.

Businesses offering Dog Sitting are excellent for when you go away on short holidays of 2-3 days. This service is good for dogs that get stressed in strange environments. A carer will come to your house, feed, water and exercise your dog, give them a brush, administer any medication, and ideally also check the mail, water plants, take the garbage out and check on security. If you’re lucky, they may even pick up the dog poo from your backyard.

Dog Sitting is different to Dog Minding, where the dog goes and lives at the minder’s house. With Dog Sitting, the carer comes to the dog’s house. The carer usually does not live in the owner’s house – they just visit once or twice a day, depending upon the agreement. However Dog Sitting Searchwill allow you to search for sitters who are willing to live in your house, if required. In-house Dog Sitting, Dog Minding, or Dog Boarding are recommended for periods over 3 days, as your dog will become very lonely.

Dog Sitting means that your dog has the familiarity of their own home environment. They can have the same food, same walks and same games that they are used to.

Ensure you give your contact details and those of your vet, to the dog sitter, and warn your neighbours that a stranger will be coming to care for your dog. You should give written permission for your dog to receive health treatment, in case of accident or illness.

Ensure you have the contact details for your dog sitter, in case you are delayed in returning home.

Make sure your dog sitter meets your dog while you are present, and watch them play together, to make sure your dog does not treat them as a stranger when they come to do the feeding and walking. Explain how far your dog usually walks, how often they are fed, and any other familiar routines.

Check if your dog sitter has done a police check, whether they hold insurance and if they’ve done any first aid certificates. You may wish to give them a key to your house so that they can turn lights on and off, move curtains, and make your home look lived in.

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