Although it’s nice to walk everywhere with your dog, sometimes you need some dog transport help, to get to where you want to go.

Whether you are moving overseas, travelling interstate, going on holiday, taking part in a dog show, or just need a pet taxi to help transport your dog locally to the vet, training, obedience lessons or for some special grooming, there are companies that specialise in transporting your dog.

Dogs can travel by air, road and train.

Professional dog transport companies can help you plan the most direct route, and can arrange full details of your dog’s transport, such as:

  • Air-conditioned luxury dog taxis
  • Specialised dog transport vans
  • Pet taxis
  • Dog Crates – rent or buy
  • Tickets snd trsvel documents
  • Certification (of vaccination, health and ownership)
  • Having someone meet your dog at the other end
  • Temporary boarding kennels at the destination until you arrive to collect your dog
  • Overseas requirements
  • Microchipping
  • Insecticide treatments
  • Quarantine on arrival

Make sure you find out the trip times, and pay attention to your dog’s comfort levels.

Transport Dog Crates

Your dog will most likely be travelling in a metal dog crate, depending upon his size. Smaller dogs may be in plastic-bottomed crates that can double as portable kennels. Find out what kind of crate is used by your local tradesman.

Prepare dog by gradually getting him used to a crate, including sleeping in it for at least a few nights.

agents around the world to facilitate travel and meeting on arrival choosing the most direct route email a quote travel tips. dont have a big meal before air travel for long flights tape a snack to your dogs crate with instructions for the person in charge

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