Dog Day Care centres have been one of the fastest growing dog businesses in the last year. Doggy day cares have been created to care for your dog while you are at work, helping them socialise, exercise and learn positive behaviours, for a healthy, happy dog. Dog Day Care Centres are day-care only – not overnight services for use during holidays.

Dog day care can help stop your dog getting bored during the day. Boredom can lead to destructive, attention-seeking behaviour, with excessive barking, as dogs can experience separation anxiety, when you leave them alone for long periods regularly.

You don’t have to feel guilty any more when you work long hours, and don’t have time to get to the dog park.

Regular attendance is recommended, to get dogs used to being part of a pack. Kind of like being the new kid at school – it’s easier when you’ve made a few friends.

Your dog may have access to a new and exciting range of dog toys – ropes, frisbees, pools.

As is normal when your dog socialises, he needs to have his vaccinations up to date.

Some reasons you might consider dog day care:

  • It’s a safe, fun, social, exercising environment for your dog
  • You’re getting renovations at home, and it’s not safe or clean for your dog
  • You (or your dog) are recovering from illness
  • You’ve got some long work hours scheduled
  • You’d like your dog to make new friends

Learn as much as you can about the Dog Care Centre.

  • What are the training or health qualifications of the staff?
  • What are the vaccination requirements for my dog?
  • How much is it? A daily or hourly rate? What if I’m late for pickup?
  • How far in advance do you have to book?
  • Does it have air conditioning or heating?
  • Do they have multiple separate areas, for dogs with different temperaments, and to get them used to groups of different sizes?

The Dog Day Care centre may offer extras, such as grooming, spas, parties, training and accessories.

Note that as a day facility, it may not include lunch unless specifically requested.

To search for a suitable dog day care centre, please use the site search.