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From Date: May 7, 2017
Event Type: Race
Breeds: All

The Great Nundle Dog Race is held every year on the first Sunday in May on the Nundle Recreation Ground. It is the major fundraiser of the Nundle Public School Parents & Citizens Association (P&C) and attracts families and their dogs from the local region as well as the Hunter, Sydney and North Coast.

The very first dog race at Nundle was held in 1979 on Oakenville Street after a bet was waged by a couple of farmers arguing over whose dog was fastest. As word of the impending race spread other dogs were entered and the great race was born. It began at the Peel River and ended at the local pub, The Peel Inn, a distance of about 150m. Both farmers lost their bets however, as the race was won by a dog called Kelly, owned by Bill Hempstead, the caravan park caretaker.

The farmers were both P&C members and took the race idea further, turning it into The Great Nundle Dog Race (GNDR) open to working dogs. Race day now involves over twenty races for all types of dogs and is one of Nundle’s major annual tourist events.

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Website: http://nundle.com.au/events/the-great-nundle-dog-race/
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