10 years old

MyDogSite was started in 2007. We had just got the beautiful golden labrador Spike. He was my first dog, and the gentlest creature on earth. And also the hungriest. So as I learnt stuff about raising dogs, I stuck it in a website. I also used it as an opportunity to learn a computer language (Coldfusion!) that was being used at work. It changed colours a few times. Was rebuilt with Drupal, and then WordPress. Then the theme changed twice. It lost it’s way a few times, but the core articles, and desire to be a really great online...

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Two dogs

  Buddy had a friend over today. Despite being over a year older, Pierce is not the top dog. Pierce was trained to be a guide dog but didn’t pass the final tests, and came home to live with one of Scott’s mates.  A few lazy habits may have crept in since then, and Pierce doesn’t always do as he’s asked.  Which Buddy really was just doing here.  Just asking if he wanted to...

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Site upgrade

Aaand it’s time for another upgrade. The site is being completely rebuilt, and all content manually copied across. It’s much cleaner and lighter, and I’ll be trying to make it as fast as possible – which means reviewing free listings before it’s published, and not having a gazillion member accounts. I’m open to suggestions, as always. cheers...

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